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Another year of graduation season is coming. This is a harvest time for those hardworking students who have already went overseas and started their study.Yes they are the 2016 Teensen graduates!Today, let’s introduce Shengjia Zhu to you, a quiet female graduates with huge energy in her body.


Now, she wants to share us her story with Teensen and her feelings about studying abroad......



The first time I met Shengjia was in the summer of graduation in 2016, and she was a girl of cheerful humor. But she told me that she was really not good at communicating with others when she had just started her study in Teensen Genesis School, even a little “ excessive introverted “.


However, Shengjia gradually changed. In Teensen, students are no longer withstanding the huge pressure of studies. And Shengjia relieved stress from the entry exam for the high school and got along well with more and more friends. Three years of studying and living in Teensen improved her personality, and she was not the girl who did not say anything before.


In those three years, she had become attracted to the game of fencing. It’s hard to imagine that a shy girl loved such intense exercise, and Shengjia said:” In my opinion, this game is cool, especially for woman. It’s not only keep my body in very good shape, but also help me to develop a strong character, making us more and more confident.



At this moment, Shengjia Zhu has been studying in Australia for three months. And due to the epidemic, she could not study on campus. Same with students in China, she has started online classes in dorm. When I asked Shengjia about her online study, she replied with a smile: “Learning in the online class mode makes me more self-conscious. There is no one like my high school teacher to push me, and everything is depend on myself.” The good thing is Shengjia could turn all the pressure into motivation, “my greatest accomplishment is that I learned how to manage my time. Because the pace of online class is relatively slow, I could have enough time to plan my study reasonably and find the most suitable learning method for myself.”


During the three months, Shengjia was not allowed to enter the campus, but she is already a accomplished gourmet when we talk about the life in Australia, “Cooking is a must-have skill for every international student,” she said, “ I always hang out with my roommates on weekends, we go to some less populated cities, enjoying local scenery and social customs.



When I ask Shengjia what is the biggest change in her life abroad, the only answer is “self-discipline”. “I make my daily plan every day and try my best to finish them on time. And I can’t sleep until everything is done. Actually, I am studying aboard alone, and there are no teachers or parents to cover me, everything depends on myself.”


Ms. Zhu said she is lucky, because she has been keeping her direction all the time. “No matter what the situation is, I haven’t given up on what I love, and I want to keep going.” Photography, travelling and sports, these seeds that were originally on her, took out in life and eventually blossoming out amazing flowers.



During this period of online learning, Shengjia found that many professional class assignments comes with more than a dozen pages of materials. And unfamiliar word and articles were on their way. Therefore making a good foundation in high school for three years is very important. And she wants to advise our students in Teensen: You should read as many English articles as you can in high school, making a good habit of reading is very useful in college study.


“Teachers in Teensen always taught us no to be afraid of saying and doing wrong, and we must learn to think independently. This is very helpful to me.”


Compared with the traditional learning environment, Teensen focuses on the cultivation of students’learning methods and thinking methods. Many assignments requires students to think independently and solve problems by themselves, which undoubtedly puts forward high requirements for students’learning initiative.

她表示天行的office time很好的帮助她衔接上了大学的学习。因为每个课堂都会分成小组讨论,所有同学都要积极发言,这样的模式和office time很相似。所以早在天行的学习当中,她也已经锻炼了自己独立思考的能力。

Shengjia said that the “office time” of Teensen had helped her to adapt to college life. Since each class is divided into group discussions, and all students are required to actively speak, this mode is very similar to “office time”, so she has exercised her ability of independent thinking in the early days of her study.


Looking back at her time in Teensen, Shengjia Zhu couldn't help but lament the passing of time. Thinking of what she was when the first time came to high school, Shengjia vaguely felt like yesterday. Today, Shengjia's heart is full of thoughts when she thinks that it has been almost one year since she has left this campus. In the three years of Teensen, many changes and gains have been made. What remains unchanged is that she keeps on the original direction of her heart.



"Something which I used to care about is not important to me anymore. This may be the change and maturity of my state of mind. I hope that my younger schoolfellows will cherish the time and do the right things at the right age. You shall believe that everything in the future will be very beautiful!”


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