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For teaching, what I pursue is not only "church", but also to cultivate students' endurance ability.

对于教育,我所追求的不是 “说教”,而是真正了解学生,从学生的内心出发,引起心灵的共鸣。

For education,what I pursue is not "preaching", but really understanding the students, starting from the students' hearts, and arousing the resonance of their hearts.


Just last May 20, it was the sweetest 520 ever for Miss Hu linli Lesley. It was the day when she received the love letter and received the soft touch.



On this day, the students of class 1, grade 2, held a farewell party for Lesley and Xiaoxue Xue. Each student wrote what they wanted to say to the teacher in the brochure, and thanked the two teachers for their two years' efforts. No surprise, it's a tearful play, as the students said: "if there is a voice for gratitude, what kind of song it will be, and how many stories it will tell if the tears can tell. You pay, we all remember... "As a teacher, the most successful thing is probably that your pay is in the eyes of the students, in the heart.



As a mathematics teacher, Lesley confessed that what she wanted to teach students was not only knowledge, but also strict logical thinking and scientific attitude.


In teaching, Lesley attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' logical thinking. She requires students to have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas, pay attention to guiding students in principle, make clear what is the intention of the problem, what kind of knowledge is the carrier, what knowledge points should be examined, and whether there is a direct or indirect connection between conditions and conclusions Through such delicate analysis, students can better create a thinking model for learning mathematics, and "with more thinking, more accumulation and flexible mastery, they will naturally learn better."


In addition, Lesley pays attention to cultivating students' independent thinking ability, improving students' thinking ability and forming the habit of active learning. "I think, as a teacher, the biggest gain is to help students grow up and give them some inspiration with their own strength." Compared with the pursuit of a good performance, Lesley hopes to cultivate students' learning endurance ability. In the ordinary teaching, Lesley advocates that students should read more books and English textbooks and try to figure out the logic of them. For the expanded knowledge in the textbooks, they should first search on the Internet by themselves to cultivate students' independent learning ability. "I think it's very unwise to let students get full marks and fall into the sea of questions. We should cultivate students' learning ability and habits, so that students can continue their learning motivation and keep good learning habits after entering university and society. Therefore, in addition to the daily teaching, I and other teachers spent a lot of time fighting wisdom and courage with students, through a lot of good communication with students to correct their bad learning habits. "

“超级家长” 学生成长的陪伴者


In addition to teaching mathematics, Lesley is a head teacher. As the big parents of the class, they shoulder the dual responsibility of teaching and management, from everyone's physical health and psychological guidance to the class learning state, diet and rest life, everything is big and small.


Lesley appears at the school at 7 o'clock in the morning, leaves at 8 o'clock in the evening, and needs help to deal with the parents' problems when he returns home. In addition to eating and sleeping, Lesley spent all the time and energy of the day on the students.


Lesley's senior two (2) class is going through the CAIE exam soon. She has put all her energy into this class. Lesley also cares about these children with her actions. During the lunch break, Lesley walked into the class, monitored the air conditioning temperature from time to time, and even sang a lullaby to the children.



"In fact, I just want to tell our story to other teachers, hoping to tell them how to become an excellent teacher in this silent way. In my opinion, the three views of a teacher must be correct. First of all, he must be an honest and upright man, who should be a man first and then teach. Secondly, we need to have profound academic accumulation and rich knowledge reserve to keep learning every day. The world of students is pure, black and white, which requires teachers to convince people in the process of guidance, to reason with students, to speak rules, and to influence students with their own three positive views. "


As a head teacher, Lesley often communicates with students because of their situations. "For children of this age, simple preaching will not work. It will only make them more disgusted and rebellious, unable to solve the problem from the root. What I need to do is really understand the students, start from their hearts, and arouse the resonance of their hearts. "


In fact, there are such a group of good teachers in Teensen. They dye the morning light on their faces and wear the twilight on their bodies. They have light in their eyes and love in their hearts. They are devoted to the spring rain and the blue sky. Don't forget the original intention and go for beauty. Standing on the podium is a promise without more words; a good lesson is the painstaking effort behind elegance and calm. Teensen teacher deeply rooted in the classroom, all the way to the sun, no questions, warm bloom. Lesley is just a miniature of one of the good teachers.


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